5 Bollywood Beauties Tell us What to Wear in Durga Puja

As one of the most important festivals in Hindu culture, Durga Puja carries a lot of cultural and sentimental significance. What should you wear to Durga Puja? This blog will assist you in finding the perfect durga puja outfit, taking inspiration from your favorite Bollywood stars.

There is always a dilemma when choosing an outfit for any occasion, but when it comes to something as grand and culturally significant as Durga Puja, there is a dilemma of another scale.

We understand that with so many options available, selecting the one that suits you best doesn’t seem easy, but with us, you don’t have to worry. Yes, absolutely!

We are here to help you out, so just stick around! Become a ‘local fashion icon’ by taking inspiration from our compilation of celebrity styles.

Here are some traditional outfits that you could wear for Durga Puja

1) Rule like Alia with the evergreen ANARKALI style
The graceful flow of an Anarkali suit can sometimes make us fangirl, what a great opportunity to wear one at a Durga Puja Pandal!. If you’re looking to enhance your festive feel, a pink anarkali suit with minimal embroidery in silver or gold might be just the thing.

Such a delicate and modern print anarkali suit as the one worn by Alia can make for a perfect durga puja outfit. For the most practical durga puja hairstyle, tie your hair up in a bun or braid, keeping in mind the October heat.

2) Ethnic skirt with top- love the ethnic vibe! Alia’s latest hit inspires us!
There are many gorgeous ladies from B-town and perhaps your town too who wear this fusion outfit for a variety of occasions.

The color scheme and outfit of this fusion ensemble are perfect for this season of Navratri. This charming sari is comfortable, festive, and charming, so it makes a great choice for Durga Pooja. You should wear ethnic accessories such as jhumkas and baalis to complete your outfit.

The combination of these two trends will be the durga puja fashion trend for 2018. You don’t want to miss out on this.

3) Regal like Lolo in a festive LEHENGA CHOLI! :
There is nothing we love more than Karisma ensembles. In addition to being everything you want a festive look to be, it’s also free of any over-the-top embroidery, patchwork, or busy prints. I find it refreshing and colorful. Here is a similar set of contemporary lehenga choli for you as well.

You’ve got a great look when you accessorize with chunky silver jewelry or a classic pearl set.

4) Sona in LAL PAR SAREE – Flaunt the bengali traditional look! :
This simple white saree with red borders is a piece of clothing that you cannot ignore. The lal par saree, a traditional bengali dress, is the favorite of many bong women, and we see the appeal in this one especially when worn in the bengali style as shown by Sonakshi. There is nothing that suits this saree better than a womanly look that looks great on every body type.

5) Shine like Bebo in a shimmery SHARARA!
You should consider a Sharara suit if you like lots of room to move around. As far as our personal favorites are concerned, this one is our favorite. The sharara pants create a neat illusion of a skirt at the bottom of the skirt.

Would you like to know why a sharara should be your choice of outfit?
The first reason is that it’s comfortable. There is nothing worse than being in a hot pandal for a festivity such as Durga Puja!

Second, shararas are irresistibly charming because they have a distinctly old-world charm!

A sharara made from beige, cream, pink, or red would be suitable for a day puja, and for a night puja, rich, dark colors like royal blue, olive green, black, or maroon would look wonderful. If you’re planning to wear a ‘Shimmery Sharara’ at night, don’t be scared to try it.

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