8 Akshay Kumar Films that are Just Too Good!

A versatile actor celebrates his 49th birthday today, and we’re practically throwing confetti! Every man on the surface of the earth would want a man with his looks, talent, humor, and discipline. His own words describe him as first a fighter – though a martial arts enthusiast nonetheless – and then an actor. In the early years of his career, he faced many disappointments, but now it’s his turn, and in the end, he showed that you should never give up on your principles!

We compiled a list of Akshay Kumar’s greatest serious films to celebrate the perfection that is Akshay Kumar:

Khiladi (1992) :

His big break, the movie that cemented his place in the industry, was this film. In addition to being a major hit, this suspense thriller was also a great commercial success. This blockbuster gave Akshay Kumar the recognition he deserved thanks to the staged kidnapping, the ransom, and the mystery.

Khakee (2004) :

Kumar plays Senior Inspector Shekhar Verma in another of his serious films. Although Amitabh Bachchan is praised most for this movie, Akshay Kumar doesn’t fare much better. Best supporting actor nominations were awarded to him for his performance, which was well praised and praised by the audiences.

Namastey London (2007) :

This romantic drama tells the story of how an Indian boy falls in love with a British-born Indian girl. In addition to his poignant dialogues, Akshay Kumar’s acting is, as always, highly commendable and helped him to earn a nomination for Best Actor!

OMG – Oh My God! (2012) :

A satirical comedy-drama with Akshay Kumar portraying Lord Krishna and Paresh Rawal starring. It provides smart and apt religious reasoning with valid and well-researched arguments in response to an atheist’s questions about God. The film received widespread critical acclaim, and it is undoubtedly among his best.

Special 26 (2013) :

The crime thriller is a feather in Akshay Kumar’s cap because it is based on the Opera House heist of 1987. There’s no doubt that it’s one of the best films of the year! There is no doubt that he can make you laugh, but he also has a great number of serious movies to his credit.

Holiday (2014) :

Akshay Kumar’s action thriller film with Sonakshi Sinha adds another flair to his highly illustrious career. In addition, he was nominated for a Filmfare award for Best Actor!

Baby (2015) :

I don’t even know how to continue without sounding repetitive, but goddamn Akshay Kumar for always showing off his awesome performances and movie choices! There’s no doubt that this action spy thriller movie is one of our favorites!

Airlift (2016) :

This war thriller features an outstanding performance from Akshay Kumar and Nimrat Kaur. During the invasion of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, Indians based in Kuwait were evacuated, resulting in some difficulties with the film. As far as Kumar’s work goes, it is still one of the best.

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