Famous Bollywood Dialogues Every Fan Uses Daily

It is an industry that produces musicals and great storytelling sagas, and it is not without drama and flair. The famous Bollywood dialogues have shaped the ethos of popular Indian culture for decades, so it comes as no surprise.

A typical Bollywood film might feature lots of songs and dances, but our style is defined by our famous dialogues. Whether the villain asks, “Kitne aadmi they?” or the hero affirms, “Mere paas maa hai,” memorable dialogues in Bollywood are often effective career boosters.

The ability to perform iconic and famous Bollywood dialogues requires skill, practice, and a genuine love for the Hindi film industry. Besides fanatics using the best Bollywood dialogues every day, internet personalities and content creators such as Kusha Kapila and Dolly Singh are entertaining the masses with smooth renditions of iconic and funny Hindi dialogues.

There are 34 famous Bollywood dialogues you’re sure to have heard in everyday conversations that are sure to be hilarious. You’re sure to laugh as you take a trip down memory lane with us.

In Bollywood movies, the following dialogues are famous:

1) “Mogambo Khush Hua”
This Indian classic was filled with iconic moments, famous Bollywood dialogues, and memorable scenes thanks to Mr. Amrish Puri’s exceptional portrayal of an overly dramatic character. Many years after the release of this film, casual conversations between friends and family still contain this dialogue.
The millennial generation speaks thusly: “I am nefariously pleased.”

2) “Main apni favorite hoon.”
The bubbly character Kareena Kapoor plays in this fun rom-com is among her most charming portrayals. She also has a highly positive and optimistic personality to go along with her extremely verbose character. This dialogue is therefore both endearing and entertaining when it appears in one of her hilarious monologues. It would be a good idea to emulate Geet’s example and to be our own favorites as well!
In millennial speak, “I’m head over heels for myself”

3) “Khul ke ro nahi sakogi, toh khul ke has kaise paogi?”
It was SRK’s signature suave and empathetic delivery of this heartfelt dialogue that made our hearts melt. There is something worth remembering about this dialogue because of the seaside, his eyes glint, and the general mood of the film. An important aspect of living a balanced life is embracing oneself, in all of our glory – the good, the bad, and the ugly. To prevent the negative from spiraling into something destructive, we need to acknowledge the negative once in a while. Definitely a lesson to be learned.
In millennial speak, “Therapy is awesome! ”

4) “Mere paas Maa hai.”
It is arguably one of the most iconic moments in Hindi cinema, this robustly candid exchange during a confrontation among brothers is one of the most famous Bollywood dialogues. We often use this dialogue to make a point as it resonates with Indian culture and strikes a chord with the vein of our nation.
As the saying goes, “Mothers are a gift from heaven.”

5) “Jaa Simran, jaa. Jeele apni zindagi”
In Hindi cinema’s illustrious run, DDLJ has won trophies for its script writing, which is one of its greatest assets. There is however no doubt that Amrish Puri’s famous Bollywood dialogue is a sure-shot winner. We can’t ignore a dialogue that so many Indian families can relate to? When parents finally relinquish control over their children’s lives, younger generations often quote this dialogue. An appropriate line, for an appropriate sentiment.
In Millennial Speak: “I am finally free to date whoever I want.”

6) “All izz well”
The mantra of any entrance exam taker, this Hindi movie dialogue sometimes inspires and sometimes entertains! An emphatic delivery by Aamir Khan, fingers fluttering over his heart, is enough to soothe the most frayed nerves. Our approval and agreement!
The Millennial Speak is: “This too shall pass.”

7) “Tussi ja rahe ho? Tussi na jao!”
Do you remember the cute kid from K2H2 summer camp? It’s not the actress who plays SRK’s daughter; it’s the other girl who counts stars and wears a Sikh dastar while attending summer camp with her. It is very cute to see a young child blurt out this dialogue during an emotional moment – eliciting elongated awws from the audience.
A Millennial’s words: “I need you.”

8) “Aanewala pal, janewala hai.”
This is an oldie, but a goodie. There is no doubt that Gol Maal is an exemplary film of powerful performances and unforgettable music that was released in the 70s. It’s both a dialogue and a lyric, albeit a powerful one. The ephemeral, fleeting nature of life is the subject of Amol Palekar’s songs, which emphasise the importance of living in the present. This one is our favorite. “Kal ho na ho.” Millennial Speak.

9) “Tension lene ka nahi, sirf dene ka.”
It’s the kind of feel good movie you want to watch with your family on a quiet Sunday because Munnabhai MBBS is the master of funny Bollywood dialogues. It’s a movie full of laughter, positivity, and inspiring moments that will leave you feeling cosy on the inside. It is an iconic dialogue from the movie that reminds us to be ourselves and let go of petty worries – a zone we’d all like to be as 2020 winds down.
As millennials say: “It’s a new kind of art, showing people how little care we have for each other.”

10) “Har team main bas ek hi gunda ho sakta hai aur iss team ka gunda main hoon!”
One of the best lines in the Hindi movie ‘Chak De India’, about a women’s team and their coach, is the one where SRK, while trying to push the team to its limits, spits this line out under pressure. The movie’s ‘wake-up’ scene undeniably shocks its audience into alertness.
Millennials speak like this: “It’s my way or the highway.”

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