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Today, thanks to online shopping, cash on delivery, easy returns, and heavy discounts, a wide range of make-up is more accessible and popular than ever before. Even in the pandemic era, the beauty industry is rapidly growing due to technological advancements like telemarketing and e-commerce. Today, when the hypernormalization of makeup and beauty trends is dominating the imagination of the public; ‘no makeup’ looks worn by some of the most beautiful women are incredibly refreshing.

With the growth of this industry, there has also been a rise in body positivity and self-love movements, where ‘Natural’ is beautiful. It is an inspiring and increasingly visible phenomenon today, thanks to social media and quarantine, to see a lovely Bollywood actress without makeup.
The following collection of Indian actresses without makeup shows them wearing their skin comfortably, stylishly, and effortlessly. Here are ten of our very favorite pictures that we can’t wait to share with you. Brace yourself – you’re about to be assaulted by plenty of charm!

1) Forestry Cool With Alia Bhatt: Serene, calm, and cool.
Alia Bhatt is the epitome of a millennial babe, and one of her Instagram posts without makeup can easily be found scrolling through her page. It’s a picture filled with quiet joy that captures Alia in her natural element, serene and serene without make-up. There is nothing better than waking up to this kind of morning.

2) Working It Out With Deepika Padukone: Relaxed, focused, radiant.
As the daughter of famed badminton player Prakash Padukone, Deepika Padukone is an avid exercise enthusiast. A sense of radiance and focused calm glows through the screen whenever she posts a post-workout selfie. Whether fresh or candid, these images of Deepika Padukone without makeup may inspire you to work on your own muscle strength. This bombshell deserves kudos for her grit and determination!

3) Retro Ruling With Kajol:
There is no doubt that Kajol is the unibrow queen of India, and her archives of her younger days as an actress and model are filled with stunning reminders that she was meant to be enhanced by makeup. What makes her beautiful is her ability to hold that fire within herself gracefully. The sultry picture of Kajol without makeup captures the essence of the 90s. It only adds to the natural and organic appeal of her no-makeup look that her unibrow is a style statement in itself.

4) Work From Home With Kareena Kapoor: Refined, charming, and playful.
Kareena Kapoor, without makeup, appears in playful candid pictures on her Instagram feed oozing charm and sparkling chemistry. This no-makeup post, taken by her equally famous husband Saif, sets an unbeatable benchmark among no-makeup photographs of an actress. There is something super relatable about this no-makeup look that every woman can pull off effortlessly and with style.

5) Momma-zone With Madhuri Dixit: Gratitude, health, and joy.
Remember Madhuri Dixit’s long hiatus from Bollywood to get married, start a family, and settle abroad? It was a wonderful time for her and her family, as they grew away from the flashing cameras.

There are a number of photos in her archives taken during her time away from the spotlight, showing Madhuri Dixit without makeup but filled with unparalleled maternal joy. It’s clear from this photograph that Madhuri is at her most natural in both her appearance and her behavior, while spending time with her sons. One of the simplest pleasures of life – spending time with those you love – is the source of her million-dollar smile.

6) Peppy & Fresh With Priyanka Chopra:Fresh, friendly, and bubbly.
It wasn’t long before Priyanka became a desi-global sensation thanks to her effortless style, personality, and friendliness. She regularly posts stunning no-makeup looks on her social media accounts, so she looks even more stunning at her natural state.

It is impossible to miss Priyanka Chopra without makeup, she is always well-groomed and put-together. It is evident in this photoshoot that the PC is radiant and content even without makeup. The aid of a genuine smile can produce a natural blush, without the need for artificial makeup.

7) Beach-side Voguing With Katrina Kaif: Minted, incandescent, adventurous.
The ever-relatable, humble and undeniable charm of Kat Thomas has made a significant impact on the social media landscape since she joined Instagram and launched her make-up line, Kay Beauty. Amidst a radiant turquoise ocean and a sprawling beach, Katrina looks fresh minted and has a lot going for her.

Among all the photos of Katrina Kaif without makeup, we chose this one since it captures her in her natural, joyous state, without makeup. Katrina makes the most of the nearby beauty in this candid and close-up shot, adorned with a stunning smile, a golden glow, and a Baywatch body.

8) Twilight Rendezvous With Shraddha Kapoor: Professional, neat, and on-the-go.
No-makeup looks aren’t just for home stays, vacations, work-outs, and funerals, right? There is no point in living without work, or wearing makeup all the time. The good news is that neither do celebrities. Many women go to important meetings, work discussions, and professional sets without makeup, despite being expected to present their best selves at all times.

Shraddha Kapoor wearing a simple black shirt and jeans to evening meetings is a great example of this. It’s important to always keep a good appearance. It is okay to forgo makeup occasionally if your grooming activities have been steady and regular, such as nail trimming, eyebrow shaping, and hair trimming. It’s not necessary, but if you want to follow in the footsteps of this actress without makeup, then a touch of grooming will go a long way in making you look great.

9) Vintage Queen – Aishwarya Rai Bachchan: Delicate, angelic, and simple.
We dug deep into our retro archives to find this image. The picture depicts a youthful Aishwarya Rai without makeup, taken from her very early days before she won the Miss Universe pageant. It was the era of the pageant queens, but there was no one more beautiful than Aishwarya.

A stunning beauty with piercing eyes and angelic features, Ash needed little make-up back then to captivate an audience. She was enough with one flash of her hazel eyes and her simple countenance. We can’t forget how refreshing it was to see Aishwarya in the 90s.

10) Sweetly Content With Sonam Kapoor: Cheerful, vibrant, and fun.
On the set of one of her films, Sonam Kapoor is seen without makeup in this candid picture posted online. Sonam is glowing with a playful spirit and exuding a joyful exuberance as she is photographed sans makeup and with the biggest smile.

This natural beauty wears vibrantly colored clothing while grinning from ear to ear. In a candid moment that escapes frenzied media scrutiny, she is seen walking with a small girl in the sun. The positive look on her face could be explained by this.

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