Top 10 Bollywood Child Actors with the Highest Pay Check in 2022

The film and television industry in India is one of the largest in the world. There are so many long-running daily soaps and new movies coming out every week, they are truly unique. It is not well known that children are paid nearly as much as adults, even though everyone knows this.

The film industry has seen dozens of phenomenally talented young performers who have gone on to become well-known and prosperous. But today, we will take a closer look at one of the highest-paid actors and actresses working in Indian film and television.

This list includes the top five child actors in Bollywood who are paid the most as well as their birthdates, first acting roles, etc.

Ruhanika Dhawan

One young performer who has a different fan base from most other young performers is Ruhanika Dhawan. A prominent role was played by the actress in the popular television show Yeh Hai Mohabbatein. According to media sources, she earned Rs. 30,000 for each episode of her show, making her one of the most bankable young musicians in her age group.

Anushka Sen

As one of the stars of the legendary television programs Devon Ke Dev, Mahadev, and Baal Veer, Anushka Sen has attained unparalleled fame throughout the country. In her time as a child artist on Jhansi Ki Rani, she is said to have charged Rs. 48,000, which shows how respected she was as a child actress. The artist is one of the best-sellers of all time, even today.

Ashnoor Kaur

The well-known young actress Ashnoor Kaur is one of the best young performers in the television industry. Only a few people are aware of Ashnoor’s role in the television series Jhansi Ki Rani when she was only five years old. During her career, she has appeared in many popular shows, and she is also one of the highest-paid child actors. According to rumors, Ashnoor charged Rs. 45,000 per day for her work as a child artist, although the exact figure is unknown.

Darsheel Kumar

The well-known child actor Darsheel Kumar is one of the few young performers who has collaborated with some of Bollywood’s most famous actors. As the actor who worked with Varun Dhawan and Akshay Kumar, Salman Khan’s Prem Ratan Dhan Payo, and Akshay Kumar and Sidharth Malhotra’s Brothers, he is undoubtedly one to watch in the future. There is a report that the young actor demanded Rs. 30,000 for one day’s work.

Harsh Mayar

The performance of Harsh Mayar in “I Am Kalam,” one of the world’s most famous and talented young actors, astonished the entire country. In the aftermath of the movie, Harsh gained an enormous reputation among critics and moviegoers alike. A national award for Best Child Artist was given to the little actor for his performance in “I Am Kalam.” Harsh was paid Rs. 1 lakh per day for 22 days as a fee for the movie.

Vishesh Bansel

There is a lot of recognition for actor Vishesh Bansal in India. His birthday is October 3, 2004, and he was born in Mumbai, India. It has been 17 years since he started. There have been a few plays Bansal has appeared in, including Devon Ke Dev… Mahadev performed by the Triangle Film Company.
It appeared that he was a small child who dreamed of becoming a police officer one day. Against Mouli Ganguly, Bansal plays the lead in the show production Suryaputra Karn from Swastik Pictures.

Diya Chalwad

It’s clear that Indian kid actress Diya Chalwad has a lot of talent. Bollywood usually employed her. A movie directed by Diya, Rocky Handsome, was released in theaters in 2016. Originally a model, Diya Chalwad launched her career in the entertainment industry and has quickly become a well-known face.
The popular young actress Divya Chalwad also gained fame due to her endearing relationship with John Abraham in Rocky Handsome. The daily rate for Divya’s 31-day shoot was 25,000 rupees, according to several media reports. John and Divya’s movie was a great success; consequently, after its release, she received a number of commercials, brand collaborations, and film roles. The rumors of her demanding 50,000 rupees per day for filming Rocky Handsome abounded after the film’s success.

Shruti Bisht

Shruti Bisht is an Indian actress who can act in both TV and movies. January 22, 2003 was the date of her birth in Pauri Garhwal, Uttrakhand, India. Her current age is 19. The top student in her class, she graduated from St. Lawrence High School after fifth grade.
“Ek Nayi Chhoti Si Zindagi” featured her as Ira at her very best. The acclaimed TV series Hitler Didi featured her as Indu in 2011. Furthermore, she played Saloni in Baal Veer, an experience parody on SAB TV that featured pixies.

Sara Arjun

Sara Arjun was born on June 18, 2005, and is one of the highest-paid young performers in the country. Raj Arjun’s daughter is a famous South Indian actor. She appeared in advertising before making her film debut in Hindi-language film Ek Thi Daayan. She has since starred in a number of successful Hindi, Tamil, and Malayalam films. Her alleged charges for a film are 4,000,000 rupees. It has been reported numerous times in the last few years that her salary per picture has increased significantly.
Her role in the Tamil dramatization film Deiva Thirumagal by A L Vijay was that of a six-year-old girl. It received both critical and commercial acclaim, with industry insiders praising Sara’s performance. A leading actress in Tamil and Hindi films, as well as Telugu and Malayalam, she received praise for her performance in Vijay’s Saivam (2014).

Harshaali Malhotra

Indian actress and model Harshaali Malhotra appears in Hindi-language television and film productions. Her acting debut was in the critically acclaimed film Bajrangi Bhaijaan, in which she starred alongside Salman Khan.
She has occupied a rent-free residence in everyone’s hearts ever since she made her Bollywood debut with Bajrangi Bhaijaan in 2008. She is frequently referred to as Munni, the name of the adorable actress’s enduring character. The shooting lasted 110 days and she charged Rs. 2 lakh per day.

Malhotra also played Shahida, a young Pakistani Muslim woman, also known as “Munni,” who was chosen from 5,000 applicants. The fundamentally lauded performance of Malhotra earned her a Filmfare Award. The Hindi film Nastik will feature Harshaali in a co-starring role with Arjun Rampal. The 3rd of June is her birthday. Her age is 13 at the moment.

The number of outstanding young actors who have gained attention in recent years is remarkable, and their admirers cannot wait to see them as adults.

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