Top 5 Best Bollywood Hindi Movie Villains of All Time

There aren’t always heroes in the spotlight! In recent weeks, we’ve been reminiscing about Bollywood Hindi movie villains we love to hate, since they make our favorite films much more enjoyable. There is a lot of hatred toward them, so much so that it seems like we know them in real life! It is likely that our obsession with villains came from fantasy movies from the west, where brilliant performances were delivered with true malevolence. The purpose of this blog is to list down Hindi movie villains that have dominated our nightmares and instilled real fear in us. Here’s a look!

Best Villains In Bollywood
You can love them or hate them; we’re all for both! Here are some Bollywood villains who have left a lasting impression on the industry, from old flicks to more recent stories.

1. Gabbar from Sholay
It is nearly impossible to find an Indian who hasn’t heard about this iconic film from 1975! The characters in the film made it a classic – even though it often has cliched plotlines – just when Hindi cinema was booming and reaching a wider audience.

The audience gasped in both awe and terror when Amjad Khan’s character as ‘Gabbar’ appeared. Forget about the hero for a second. It was his leather belt screeching on the ground and his mafia mustache that set him apart in all his terrifying glory!

We’ve all grown up hearing the Hindi version of “Sleep, or else Gabbar will come!” instilled only with mock seriousness. Watching the movie, the jokes become a thing of the past and a sinister vibe takes over. Most of us became familiar with villains through Gabbar. You can think of him as the baddest villain of all time if you ask who is the baddest villain of all time.

2. Mogambo from Mr. India
There’s so much to say about Amrish Puri, who is and will always be remembered as one of Bollywood’s favorite Hindi movie villains! He left a lasting impression on our industry with his captivating skill set and even more credible ruse.

The sci-fi movie Mr. India featured him as Mogambo, who ensured the audience had an edge-of-the-seat experience! As a character who has a sinister costume, a malignant skull-stick, a throne, and loyalists who are ready to jump in acid water at his beck and call, Amrish Puri is nothing short of sinister & sadistic!Invincible Mogambo left a lasting impression on the kids, or us, in our childhoods.

We can only hear “Mogambo Khush Hua” as we write this segment, and the chills that follow can be credited to one of the greatest acting performances in Indian cinema! The Punjabi film industry was also swept up by him in addition to Hindi movies!

3. Kancha Cheena from Agneepath 1990
What are the most handsome villains in Bollywood? It is rare to see a villain in a movie that seems convincing throughout the entire film, but Danny Denzongpa as Kancha Cheena in the 1990 film Agneepath succeeded in doing so! It’s been almost 30 years since Kancha Cheena appeared on screen, and the actor still goes by the same name, thanks to his sharp, mafia-perfect costume and a variety of power-packed dialogues.

We’ve seen many Hindi movie villains and underworld dons, but Danny is one of the best (beating even SRK!) The film’s writers are to be credited for his fame as an evil incarnate. His abominable allure was complemented by some of the most chilling dialogues that also made one wonder.

The story revolves around a young boy whose life has been uprooted by Kancha Cheena’s brutal lynching. This is a great action movie to watch over the weekend if you are in the mood for an evergreen classic! It has been warned to you.

4. Kancha Cheena from Agneepath 2012
It has been too long since we saw Sanjay Dutt in a positive, lead role. We were all stunned when Dutt confirmed that he would reprise Danny Denzongpa’s ever-terrifying character in Agneepath! In spite of this, the movie did not disappoint, with Sanjay Dutt’s makeup & physique supporting the character’s despicable nature.

The 2012 remake might not be filled with legendary actors, but Dutt did deliver a startling performance in his role as one of the scariest Hindi movie villains. This contrast worked perfectly between the stern innocence of Hrithik and the need for vengeance of Sanjay Dutt’s Kancha!

There is no doubt that he is one of the cinema’s more underrated actors, even when it comes to Bollywood Hindi action flicks. It would be wrong to just credit him for giving us spectacularly-acted roles that we can enjoy time and time again. Intimidatingly towering and cunning (without eyebrows), he is one of Bollywood’s most horrifying villains and we are all for it! It’s easy to understand why, right? You can watch the 2012 remake if you have watched the 1990 Agneepath!

5. Lion from Kalicharan
Having an immaculately dressed and suave villain in a Bollywood thriller movie is uncommon, but that’s exactly what Lion from Kalicharan has! This evil-intent character played by Ajit Singh wins all votes due to his wicked vibe! He didn’t hold back from being vicious, as the name implies. A soft-spoken, accented voice that wouldn’t immediately suggest bad intentions, but a closer look reveals more (or one just has to watch the movie to find out.).
As the villain of several Hindi movies,

Ajit Singh is often seen in suits and white shoes, sporting a Clarke-Gable type mustache. The iconic actor from retro Hindi cinema used a never-before-heard Hinglish accent in Bollywood movies to deliver his dialogues in a baritone voice. The role of Lion was just one of many flawlessly executed roles he played, and each one was tailored to his calm, yet coercive demeanor.

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